The Matanuska Valley Historical Photo Project

Explore the Rich History of the Matanuska Valley

The Matanuska Valley Historical Photo Project works to preserve, catalogue, and share photos form the Matanuska Valley.
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What is the Historical Photo Project?

This website is an online photo database, managed by the Palmer Museum of History and Art. The goal of this site is to provide access to images, information, and stories of our community.

Our mission is to collect images depicting the people, places, and activities of the Matanuska-Susitna Valley area, and make them accessible to our community. By preserving these images and the stories that go with them, we capture the history of our community.

Why photos and why now? Images contain an enormous amount of information relative to their size, are easily shared, and provide powerful comparisons of past to present. What's more, much of our Valley's history is just one or two generations


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