The Matanuska Valley Historical Photo Project

Photographs are wonderful artifacts. They do not take up much space, can be easily digitized, and contain an incredible amount of information relative to their size. At the Palmer Museum of History and Art (PMHA), we have over 10,000 photographs in our collection, all digitized as high resolution scans. Since 2017, we have been working on how to connect this wealth of history to our community. The result of that work is the Matanuska Valley Historical Photo Project database.

The three goals of the project are

  1. To collect images depicting people, places, and activities of the Greater Palmer Area.
  2. To gather, preserve, and share stories about the images collected.
  3. To make these images easily available to our community for viewing and research\

The photo database is searchable, and also contains online gallery exhibits, featured photo blogs, and more. The database represents the highest quality and most relevant images of our photo collections, and will continue to grow as we add more resources and images. If you have photos you would like to donate to the Palmer Museum, or stories about photos you see, we are always looking to grow our collection.  

The Matanuska Valley Historical Photo Project is managed by the Palmer Museum of History and Art in partnership with Last Frontier Media. The construction of this site was sponsored by a generous grant from the Matanuska Telephone Association Foundation.

Explore the Rich History of the Matanuska Valley

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