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Richard Estelle
Palmer Museum of History and Art
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Image is a southeasterly view from Bailey Hill, north of Palmer, toward the Knik River valley. Chugach Mountains are in background. Middle ground is heavy forest and a road section showing the curve in alignment necessary to ascend Bailey Hill, ultimately arriving at the point from which this photo was taken. This was the only point on the road providing this expansive view of the Valley, thus the local name “Inspiration Point”, and a popular stop for photographs. The road, which ultimately became Glenn Highway, was later straightened to cut through Bailey Hill, eliminating this section. In foreground is a two-wheel dirt track showing where some drivers turned from the road to dive over the steep hill, cut across the field below, and arrive back at the road as visible in this picture, thus cutting off the longer route down the hill.


Palmer, Alaska


Digital File, Black & White


Inspiration Point@1x-Bai

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