Bridge-Eklutna 011

Richard Estelle
Palmer Museum of History and Art
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Alaska Road Commission


Cookman Collection #1

Time Period

July 21, 1935


Image is a view from down river looking at the bridge in middle ground with the cliffs on both sides of the river evident below the bridge. A rounded, pyramid-shaped mountain is prominent in background. River water occupies much of the foreground and it's obvious that the channel has been widened by bulldozing gravel from the channel into a substantial berm along the left bank. Part of a temporary access road to the south staging area below the bridge appears to be evident at right. The steel portion of the bridge is complete and the side railing is in place on the north section.


Near Eklutna Village, Alaska


Black & White Paper Print, 3-1/4" x 4-3/4"



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Cookman Collection #1

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