Bridge-Knik 056

Richard Estelle
Palmer Museum of History and Art
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Alaska Road Commission


Cookman Collection #1

Time Period

March 1936


This is an elevated view of the mostly complete bridge taken from the mountainside directly at the south end of the structure. The total length of the steel portion is visible to the north side of the river, defined by a dark band of heavy forest. Bodenburg Butte is evident beyond in direct line with the bridge. Foreground is framed by several scraggly trees with the bridge in the center. The south approach to the bridge is still under construction with scattered planks and canvas apparently covering recently poured concrete abutments. The snow-covered river occupies most of the middle ground. Foreground accumulation indicates a foot or so of snow depth.


Near Palmer, Alaska


Black & White Paper Print, 3-1/2" x 4-3/4"



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Cookman Collection #1

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