Bridge-Knik 066

Richard Estelle
Palmer Museum of History and Art
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Alaska Road Commission


Cookman Collection #1

Time Period

July 18, 1936


This image shows a large boulder being lifted for loading onto the bed of a truck. A chain is visible around the rock and attached to an overhead pully on a suspended cable. The rear of the truck is apparent at left with the light-colored boulder suspended behind it. A long-handled hand shovel is visible at right with gravel and angular rock close in front and back of the truck. Broken tree limbs and debris on the rock pile in middle ground suggest this rock source is a landslide on Pioneer Peak near the Knik River bridge.


Knik River bridge near Palmer, Alaska


Black & White Paper Print, 3-1/2" x 5-3/4"



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Cookman Collection #1

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