Bridge-Matanuska 010

Richard Estelle
Palmer Museum of History and Art
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Alaska Road Commission


Cookman Collection #1

Time Period

January 1934


Image shows permanent pilings at the south end of the bridge that lead up to the concrete pier that will support the south end of the steel structure. The concrete in the pier has apparently recently been poured and is wrapped in canvas to contain the steam that is introduced to keep it from freezing until it cures. A steam pipe is visible on the ground running from left to the base of the pier and steam is rising from the pier. Snow is on the ground and frost has formed on the outside framework of the pier. The piledriver is partially visible at right resting on the riverbed. The rock cliff on the north side of the river is apparent at upper left. A man working on the falsework beyond the pier is barely visible through the steam.


Near Palmer, Alaska


Black White Paper Print, 3-3/4" x 5-3/4"



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Cookman Collection #1

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