Bridge-Matanuska 012

Richard Estelle
Palmer Museum of History and Art
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Alaska Road Commission


Cookman Collection

Time Period

January 1934


Image looking from the north end of the bridge to the south. The "falsework" that will be removed after the steel bridge is constructed, is in foreground with the piledriver sitting on the permanent pilings at the south end. On the south side of the river tents are visible immediately to the right (upstream) side of the bridge and in middle ground at left. A building with a tall smokestack, assumed to be the steam plant, is close by the left (downstream) side of the south end of the bridge. At far left, in the trees, stands the south shore tower that supported a cable across the river. Close examination reveals several men at work on or around the structure.


Near Palmer, Alaska


Black & White Paper Print, 3-1/2" x 5-3/4"



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