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Time Period

June 28, 1939


Image shows flood waters in foreground in front of O.O.Krogh's store in Matanuska. Large display windows completely fill the front wall facing the boardwalk in front. On the wall above, large block letters proclaim "O.O.KROGH". On the left outside wall, block lettering advertises "GENERAL MERCHANDISE" and "POST OFFICE." At left is parked a small truck with a covered bed and standing next to it is a young man wearing a white shirt, suspenders and hip boots. Another man stands on the boardwalk in front of the store. Both men are looking at the camera. At right is another frame building fronting on the boardwalk with a partially visible sign identifying it as "Allen's Liquor Store". The water level appears ready to overtop the boardwalk and has reached the hubcap on the wheel of the truck. This flooding was likely caused by the annual break-out of Lake George upriver at the Knik Glacier.


Matanuska, Alaska


Black & White Paper Print, 2-3/4" x 4-1/2"



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Cookman Collection

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